Custom Rotational Moulding

Since 1988 we have provided rotational moulding services to a broad range of customers involved in municipal operations, oil patch, industry, institutions, and agriculture. And we welcome the opportunity to provide clients with quality custom services and production of their specialized goods. Learn more about our Custom Rotational Moulding services.

Rotational molding can be a very versatile manufacturing process allowing certain parameters to be altered to better suit specific product applications. Because our molds are a hollow open shell of the intended product, we are able to increase or decrease wall thicknesses of nearly any product to provide either greater rigidity or lower the cost where a standard wall thickness is simply not required. Information regarding our customer’s intended end use will help us in determining if such changes would be beneficial.

Our base materials arrive to us in either natural form (white in color) or pre-colored black. We offer many other colors by dry pigment blending in a high intensity mixer. Adding pigment to polyethylene (PE) impairs the original impact and tensile properties of the materials however due to the robust capabilities of PE this will seldom represent a problem to the performance of products in a practical application. Should your product demand the absolute best properties possible, colors are available in a pre-colored (color compounded) format however minimum quantities and additional charges will apply. This specialized coloring process introduces the color during an extrusion phase and melt compounds the pigment molecules with the PE.

We trust you will find this information useful in determining how we can best serve your rotomoulding needs. Please feel most welcome to contact us with questions.

Custom Rotational Moulding Projects

At D&M Plastics Inc. we welcome the opportunity to provide clients with quality custom rotational moulding services and production of their specialized goods. Whether you are in the planning and development stages of a new product or have an existing mold we can offer top notch performance to help you see your dream to completion.

We will provide you with assistance in understanding our rotational molding process, designing your product, mold production, and, of course, molding and completion of your products. We take pride in the value we have provided to our custom mold clients and our continued relationship in support of their success is our number one goal.

What is Rotational Moulding?

Rotational moulding is a process that is mainly used to create hollow one-piece plastic items. Also called "rotomoulding", it is a low pressure, high temperature manufacturing method that combines heat and bi-axial rotation. Typical moulded parts can include parts such as bulk fluid containers, compartment liners, spill trays, plastic pallets, pipe supports, etc.

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